Limerick Whiskey



Over the last 10 years, Irish whiskey has surged in global demand and we are in the dawn of a new Golden Age of Irish Whiskey. This drink has been popularised by TV shows such as Mad Men and Peaky Blinders which has driven a younger market to enjoy the smooth, creamy, well-balanced and unpeated flavours which are characteristic to Irish whiskey.

Irish whiskey has a global appeal and with the introduction of a growing number of whiskey attractions, enthusiasts from far and wide have been flocking to Ireland to enjoy the quintessential drink of Irish people. They travel the length and breadth of the country’s Irish Whiskey Trail of which Thomond Gate Whiskey aims to stamp Limerick firmly back on the map in the near future.

The increase in tourism will boost the trade of local hotels, restaurants, and bars, which aligns with the city’s objectives to position Limerick as more of a tourist destination. Overall, the process of restoring the lost spirit of Limerick to attract more tourists and boost the local economy will also help with the current 2030 regeneration plans for the city.

As a community-lead business, we will rely on both local and international support to make this vision a reality. We are seeking people who share our passion for the city of Limerick and the goal to be a world leader in the whiskey industry once more. By registering your interest now in our product, we can then include you in our quest from the very beginning.


Each year we work with a local farmer to grow our crops of Limerick Grown Oats and Barley, every harvest the crop yields a different result, from Protein levels to moisture levels, making each vintage of our whiskey different.



After the crop is harvested, we need to work fast, making sure that the crop is the correct moisture, allowing it to be stored for the months ahead. The Grains are dried and cleaned and stored in Silos until ready for their next step.


We aim to build a sustainable business and have forecasted the sales needed to make a distillery viable. This will further secure Limericks’ place within the world of whiskey, making it a must-visit destination for whiskey-loving tourists travelling to Ireland.