The Alchemist Guild

Cask Programme

The vision is to restore Limerick’s place in the world of whiskey and over time, with the support of our community build a distillery in Limerick. In order to finance these restorations, we are launching our cask program where private investors will have the opportunity to buy casks which can then be used for our future releases.
Stage 1: We plan to grow barley in Limerick and once malted, use this for whiskey production at our partner distillery.
Stage 2: We will fill our sherry casks with this new-make whiskey and mature in our bonded warehouse .
Stage 3: We aim to build a sustainable business and have forecasted the sales needed to make a distillery viable. This will further secure Limerick’s place within the world of whiskey, making a must-visit destination for whiskey-loving tourists traveling to Ireland.
What makes Limerick special:
With a large amount of annual rainfall and high humidity levels, Limerick has a unique environment. This is also influenced by the regular exchange of fresh and salt water within the Shannon Estuary.
At high tide, the estuary is filled with warm salty water and at low tide, this is then replaced with fresh cold water from the River Shannon. This helps to create a damp environment which will influence the style and character of the maturing spirit. It is our plan to harness this natural environment when maturing our whiskey to give it a complexity beyond its years.


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