Limerick Whiskey



Our Mission

Revive Limerick Whiskey

We believe Limerick should be known for Whiskey again! Once a thriving hub of Irish Whiskey, at its very height producing 1/6 of the world’s Whiskey.

It all started with an Idea, to turn Limerick’s, Air, Earth, and Rain into Liquid Sunshine. By Cultivating Barley in Co.Limerick using it to Distill a Spirit not seen in over 100 years.

  • Stage 1: Cultivate Limerick Barley, restoring provenance to our whiskey.
  • Stage 2: Bottling our curated whiskey for local and export consumption.
  • Stage 3: Establish a bonded warehouse in Limerick to mature our whiskey.
  • Stage 4: Build a purpose-built Distillery producing grain to Glass whiskey.



Company Founded.

December 2019

First Release
Single Pot Still Sherry

April 2020

Limerick Barley Planted

September 2020

First Harvest

December 2020

New Make Spirit is Distilled

January 2021

Casked Filled

January 2024

Limerick Whiskey is Matured.

Sowing Barley

Each Year we work with a local farmer to grow Malting barley and Oats for use in our Single Pot Still Distillate. Given that we need specialist requirements for grain used in Malting we need to ensure the correct levels of nitrates in the soil, this results in managing the Portien levels in the cultivated Grain.

The Craft Growing Malting Barley


After months of the crop soaking in the summer sun and if we are lucky to have the right speck the crop is harvested, due to the ever-changeable weather on the west coast of Ireland you may have a narrow window in which to get the harvest off the field, the crop must have the correct moisture content. The Grain is Harvested by combining and then filled into trailers for transportation to our Malting Partners, where the Grains are dried and cleaned, and stored in Silos until ready for their next step.

Distilling Our New Make.

The grain is transported to Great Northern Distillery (GND), where it is used to make our Single Pot Still and Single Malt New make. We work with the fine folks at GND to Distill our spirit to our specifications. This includes our own Mash Bills and Provided ingredients, This makes our whiskey unique, we opt for flavour over yield resulting in higher cost per Littre of spirit.

To date, we have distilled GI  & Non-GI Pot Still New Make which is triple distilled, we also produce Double Distilled Single Malt

Tripple and Double Distillation. 

During the distillation stage, we have opted for Double Distillation for our Single Malt to have a more characterful spirit,  which has more esters, This makes the spirit more fruity in its aromas. Our Single Pot Still is Tripple Distilled, given that we have opted for a high raw barley content this gives our whiskey a spicey character that will be complemented by the maturing spirit over time, Our Pot Still also has an oat content which gives the spirit a more creamy aroma making it very approachable.

Maturation of Whiskey New Make.

This New makes whiskey filled into casks, we typically use Ex-Bourbon, Rye, and Tennessee American White Oak Cask for the spirit’s initial Maturation. With a limited amount of Spirit being filled into Ex-Sherry Casks made from European Oak. These casks are then moved into a bonded warehouse where the spirit will mature. After 3 Years in wood, the New make spirits becomes Irish Whiskey.

Finish Whiskey.

Throughout the maturation of the whiskey, samples will be drawn down once the character of the spirit is assessed if required we will look to enhance or complement the flavors of the whiskey. This is achieved by moving the spirit from its original cask into a new cask such as an EX-Wine, Beer, Brandy, etc. Cask. These flavors will marry with those within the spirit and will be assessed until it is determined to be ready for bottling.