Reviving the city of Limerick's lost spirit

A New Age for Irish Whiskey Production

Thomond Gate, a small batch, heritage-style brand, is Limerick’s first whiskey in a century paying homage to the long lost distillery of Thomond Gate, which operated on the banks of the River Shannon between 1809 and 1919.

Through meticulous research in the archives of Limerick City, Thomond Gate whiskey has been carefully curated to honour the traditional Single Pot Still style, which was once produced in Limerick and exported around the world.

Available November 2019

The First Release from the First Cask

Available very soon will be the first bottles of Thomond Gate Whiskey. With only a limited supply of bottles available, these are the first release of a single cask series. As time progresses, we will explore the influence of time on a Sherry Oloroso Butt maturing Single Pot Still Whiskey with further limited bottle releases over the years. To mark the launch, a special Book of Custodians has been commissioned to record the very first bottle owners.

A premium Members Club for those who buy a whole cask

The Alchemist Guild

By purchasing a whole cask of our whiskey you become part of our premium Members Club, The Alchemist Guild. This is a great way to invest in the rapidly growing Irish Whiskey market and after 5 years, you can either sell your cask, bottle for the ultimate personalised gift or continue storing your cask to age the whiskey further.

Limerick has been a hive of activity for centuries

Limerick Whiskey Countdown.

Limerick has been a hive of activity for centuries

An Industrial Powerhouse

The ancient city of Limerick was founded on the banks of the River Shannon at the estuary flowing out to the North Atlantic Ocean. Over the centuries, Limerick’s deep sea port has always been an important trading hub for the west coast of Ireland due to its close proximity to the US and Europe. During the last centrury Limerick was a bustling centre of enterprise, especially known for its textile and meat business and it was in this era Limerick alone produced over 9% of all Irish whiskey exports!

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Limerick Distillery

The Lost Thomond Gate Distillery’s History

In 1809 to 1919, the Thomond Gate Distillery was founded by John Brown(e) and John Stein. The distillery was built on a 6 acre site on the banks of the River Shannon and the business implemented every modern development in the production of whiskey. From meticulous research through the Limerick archives, it’s said the site was a ‘fine undertaking‘.


Light Amber  / Rich gold.


Fresh lifted notes of rainsins, husk cereal with elegant dried apples and lovely fusion of roasted cashews and pear oil, soft elgant oak, Vanilla coconut and walnut

Palate / Texture

Dry good intensity and length, soft and full richness and weight on the palate with dried raisins, husks barley and crushed dried oats.


Very persistent and creamy and integrated well

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A New Chapter

Limerick Whiskey

The Thomond Gate Whiskey revival is the brainchild of Limerick born entrepreneur, Nicholas Ryan. After working a number of years abroad Nicholas, a qualified certified specialist in Spirits and educator, has returned to his home city to revive the long lost spirit of the city. He has gained support from governing bodies and well know programs such as; the Limerick Local Enterpise Office, The Back For Business Program and New Fontiers Stage 2.

Distillery / Bonded Warehouse / Visitor Center / Spirit's School

Vision for the Future

It is our single vision and goal to bring back whiskey production to Limerick. In order to achieve this mission we will be looking to gain support from like-minded people who have a passion for the city of Limerick and for this quintessential Irish whiskey from Limerick which was once enjoyed by previous generations around the world. Please register your interest in supporting this renaissance for Limerick.

Alfred Barnard

A Visit to Limerick in 1886

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Whether you’re interested in partnering with us or would like to hear more about Thomond Gate Whiskey or the Alchemist Guild, please do get in touch and we would be delighted to help.

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